As a Christian Church, we firmly believe that we are called to serve and sacrificially give in order that others may live better lives. To that end, in addition to being a financially independent church, we support the following missions:

Hope Home Chiang Mai

Hope Home Chiang Mai

Judy Cook and Hope Home – Thailand
We have been supporting Judy Cook and her team at Hope Home in Thailand for many years. They provide care and support for children with special needs in the north of the country. Additionally they aim to demonstrate the love of God through Christian witness and care of children with special needs. Their objective is to promote the maximum development for each child with the aim of each child being accepted into a permanent family setting.


Ferring Baptist Home Mission

Baptist Home Mission

This is the Baptist family purse. As a Baptist Church that is financially independent through the generous giving of our members and regular attenders, we seek to help the wider Baptist family. The money we give goes towards: - Supporting churches that are not, for various reasons able to be financially independent. - Supporting our regional association, including the work of the regional ministers. - Providing towards the work of the central resource at Didcot including their legal, ministries and finance teams.


Safe In Sussex

Safe in Sussex

This is a registered charity based in Ferring. They provide help and support for people affected by domestic abuse in West Sussex. They are also committed to preventing domestic abuse and providing education and training on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse and promoting healthy relationships.


Ferring Baptist Malawi missionary work

Turn the Tide

This is a registered charity set up by one of our regular attenders. It supports vulnerable children in Malawi by providing them with food, clothing, shelter and education and so giving them a hope for a brighter future.