We currently hold our services at 10:30am each Sunday morning. Our worship blends older and newer styles in a way that seeks to be encouraging, engaging and accessible to people of all ages, irrespective of tradition or background.

Communion is normally celebrated on the first and third Sunday mornings of the month. Any Christian is welcome to share in communion. The wine is non-alcoholic and the bread gluten free.

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic the church membership decided to invest in the equipment needed to live-stream our services. All our services continue to be live-streamed to YouTube and can be accessed below.

Previous Services

"Be Real" - Acts 4:32 - 5:11

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In Trouble for the Right Reasons, Acts 4

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The Name of Jesus, Acts 3

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Pentecost Joint Service with St. Andrew's Parish Church

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Why did they wait? - Acts 1

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Jude, Hey Jude

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1 Corinthians 11 v22-33, Communion in Seven Words

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Acts 3 v11-26, Times of refreshing from the Lord

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